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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Rebecca Mann

Rainbow Celebrations

280 Logan Rd & Stones Corner Library, Stones Corner QLD
Designed during Pride Month (June) this artwork is a celebration of LGBTIQA+ Brother Boy and Sister Girl identities. Pride and Australia’s Mardi Gras started as a protest for LGBTIQA+ (Queer) rights. While many of the queer community enjoy freedoms and rights such as Marriage Equality which was legalised by referendum in 2017, it’s important that we recognise all identities and continue to progress rights and safety for all. This artwork uses graphic design elements to present suggestions of queer identities, incorporating the colours of the many LGBTIQA+ flags. The background lavender hue is symbolic of the historical fights for rights for the Queer community. Also representative of disrupting gender norms and the spirit of our diverse community.
Box ID: SC1535-J (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Ash Richardson, support person
Painted on: July 2023

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