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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Karen Hernandez

Language Unites

Sir Fred Schonell Dr & Laurence St, St Lucia QLD
As an immigrant, I consider that language is a variable of great weight when it comes to communication. I am grateful about living in a Brisbane area where you can hear different languages and different accents every day on the street, the supermarket, the parks, the university; almost everywhere. Sometimes, language can challenge us when we express in a different tongue, but it can also create bonds. My artwork has a big jaguar on it, her name is “La Kenza”, she is a Latina with a thick accent, finding her way in this concrete jungle. Her positive and fearless attitude could represent all the St Lucia’s neighbours who are non-native English speakers. With my artwork I want to embrace the fact that we are all connected through our native languages and English. St Lucia is a reflection of that.
Box ID: B0286 (View Map Below)
Painted on: August 2023

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