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Artforce Brisbane
An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Kristy Riggall, Ava Riggall and friends

Healing and Connecting through Art

Ipswich Rd & Cornwall St, Woolloongabba QLD
Kristy used to work at the PA Hospital where this box is located. She worked as a nurse and experienced burn out. She decided to create a new happy memory for herself through her daughter Ava, by inviting her and her school friends to collaborate together to work on the project. Together her daughter and herself got to create new happy memories with wonderful friends and through art! What better site than her old stomping ground! The image of the brain with the word ‘wired’ relates to the electrical signals in the traffic signal box, ideas of connectivity, and the health precinct of the PA Hospital.
Box ID: B0695 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Collaborating friends Jayda, Asha, Josie and Sydney
Painted on: August 2023

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