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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Lucia Laus

Climbing Kangaroo

River Terrace pedestrian crossing & near Paton Street, Kangaroo Point QLD
“Roo the kangaroo enjoys climbing the cliffs at Kangaroo Point and admires the outdoor life around the area, the skyline of Brisbane city and its beautiful sunset.” This artwork captures the most iconic activity performed by day and night at Kangaroo Point, the cliffs climbing. The kangaroo’s point of view from the heights of the cliffs unveils a magnificent landscape, showcasing diverse outdoor activities and the vibrant life of this area, as well as the city skyline during a stunning sunset. Exploring Kangaroo Point is exciting and enriching, encompassing riverside strolls, workouts, bike rides, dance sessions, barbecues, picnics, family gatherings, romantic moments, friends outings, team training, dog walks, kayaking, cliffs climbs, city views, coffee breaks, photography, and special events. At Kangaroo Point, the possibilities for new experiences are endless. With Roo the kangaroo gracing my artwork, my intention is to spread joy and elicit smiles from viewers. I hope Roo inspires people to embrace the spirit of adventure, brings positive experiences and motivates individuals to explore and enjoy the diverse activities Kangaroo Point has to offer.
Box ID: B0976 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Collaborating artist: Luz Jennifer Garcia Rodriguez
Painted on: February 2024

Hop on down to Kangaroo Point!

Lucia Laus’ awesome artwork, ‘Climbing Kangaroo’, features her character Roo the Kangaroo on a rock climbing adventure, overlooking the Brissie skyline at sunset.

Depicting this very popular Kangaroo Point activity, Lucia has created an iconic image of Brissie. Lucia is an architect based in Brisbane, and is passionate about art and design. She aims to spread joy and smiles through Roo, and hopes to motivate people to get out and enjoy some of the fun activities that Kangaroo Point offers.

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