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Dimitri (Jim) Petroff

Rise and Shine ‘Swara Time’

Earl St & Ridge St, Greenslopes QLD
This artwork aims to promote Swara which is a disability support provider located at Woolloongabba. My inspiration is that when you rise in the morning and you are feeling down and out, you can go to Swara where there is hope, rainbows, sunshine, and ways to overcome darkness. There are a lot of colourful colours to represent the positivity at Swara. The colours also represent the leafy and green areas of Annerley and Greenslopes. I’m hoping that people who don’t know about Swara will find out about Swara.
Box ID: B0806 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Supported by Tania Petroff
Organisation: Swara Disability Support Services
Painted on: March 2024

Rise and Shine, it's SWARA time

Local artist Jim Petroff painted the artwork ‘Rise and Shine – Swara time’ on behalf of the not-for-profit organisation Swara, a disability support provider in Woolloongabba.

Jim collaborated with other members and staff at Swara to create the design, along with his art teacher Katie, from Art Class Brisbane. Swara is dedicated to empowering lives by nurturing essential life skills, aiding in goal achievement, and supporting meaningful social connections. Jim’s artwork shines a light on the positive and wonderful support of Swara’s efforts. ‘Rise and Shine’s bright colours represent the positivity of the organisation, and the green represents the leafy areas of Annerley and Greenslopes.

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