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Artforce Brisbane
An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Matisse Raphael & Aya Stronach

Windows of Toowong

Coronation Drive & Booth Street, Toowong QLD
The intended artwork recreates the multiple panels on the Energex Padmount Transformer as windows on Toowong, forming the impression of the box as an apartment building, evocative of the multi-storey residential dwellings now prevalent in the vicinity. Looking out from, or sometimes looking in each window are characters representing the diversity and cosmopolitanism of the Toowong area, with expressions and interactions between the characters promoting a sense of neighbourliness and togetherness. The use of bright colours in the design signifies the vibrancy of this inner-part of suburban Brisbane. Also it wouldn’t be Toowong without a flowering Jacaranda full of local wildlife.
Box ID: SC798369 (View Map Below)
Painted on: June 2022

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