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Alexios Ganakas-Manuel, St Laurence’s College

Once in a Blue Moon

Stephens Rd (Pedestrian Crossing) & St. Laurence's College, South Brisbane QLD
My artwork, “Once in a Blue Moon,” has been deeply inspired by the culture and events that surround the area of the traffic signal box. A significant focus has been emphasised on St Laurence’s College, a school that has been established on Stephens Road since 1915 and educated generations of young men for over a century. Today, the students of St Laurence’s are uniformed in jacaranda blue shirts which was derived from the Jacaranda trees that line Stephens Road and the local area. The aim of this artwork was to illustrate the flora and students that decorate the streets of South Brisbane with the vibrant and lively colour that extends further into an intangible meaning. The towering Jacaranda trees vary in sizes that connect and symbolise to the growth of students within St Laurence’s College through primary school, middle school, and senior school.
Box ID: B0429 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Jonathan Heard, Matthew Duran, Matthew Preston, Maria Mavritsky (teacher & Head of Visual and Performing Arts)
Organisation: St Laurence's College
Painted on: June 2022
Awards: Best High School 2022

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