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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Abby Ward

This is what Annie sees

Boundary Rd & Annie St, Coopers Plains QLD
The box is located on Annie St and is next to the stable swamp creek. So my vision is to brighten up the industrial estate by having a fictional character ‘Annie’, to show us what she sees at the creek. Annie sees life, colour, beauty, an ecosystem, sunshine and peace. In my work I have included six different species of flowers common to the creek and a water hen. I want viewers to feel bright and happy as the estate feels colourless and gloomy. I also hope that highlighting the creek and the life in the creek, might make people think twice about littering there.
Box ID: B0528 (View Map Below)
Painted on: August 2022

Bringing Light and Life to Annie Street

Abby Ward has always felt her purpose in life is to help those in need, and sprinkle joy and love wherever possible.

Not only is she studying Speech Pathology, but she’s also working as a part-time barista at St Thomas More College, and can now add Artforce artist to her list of achievements! Abby hopes that her bright, nature-inspired artwork brings joy to the locals and the hard workers in the nearby industrial estate, which includes her dad!

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