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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Katherine Viney


Montague Road & Jane Street, West End QLD
It’s a tin of sardines. That’s it that’s the description. This box is sardines because: 1. Box looks like tin 2. Box is near river and fish come from river 3. Box is near market and you buy food at market
Box ID: B0918 (View Map Below)
Painted on: November 2022

Something fishy is happening

Katherine Viney is an artist, muralist, designer and duck enthusiast who specialises in making accessible art – art that’s for everyone, regardless of artistic knowledge or interest!

She has done just this in her clever and funny design for ‘Sardines’. Not only did she think the traffic signal box was the perfect shape for a sardine tin, but also being by the river and the West End markets just built too strong a case to deny the sardines!

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