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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Elaine Pang

River of Life

Breakfast Creek Rd & Kingsford Smith Dve & Amy St, Albion QLD
This artwork captures the geography of the area by highlighting the dramatic curve of the Brisbane River and the winding path of Breakfast Creek across the front of the signal box. The recognisable façade of the Breakfast Creek Hotel sits above the river, surrounded by Indigenous symbols for rainbows, the sun and stars. We also added in some playful elements to further reference the Breakfast Creek Hotel, with steaks, wine glasses, beers and kegs repeated as motifs throughout the space. Below the river we drew on the dramatic forking roots of mangrove trees, surrounded by stylized representations and indigenous symbols of native animals. This reflects the local habitat, culture and history of the site. We took inspiration from Romero Britto and children’s colouring in books to keep the piece bright, playful and exciting.
Box ID: B0110 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Gabriela Barbosa, Kaitlin Langdon, Kaitlin Meaney
Organisation: Arup
Painted on: April 2018
Awards: Nominated: Overall Winner, Best Organisation, Best Adult

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