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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Holly Kate Eddington

Park Life

Meadowbank Street (50) & Stanmere Street, Carindale QLD
This work peers into the secrets of the contrasting day and night life of the park which this Energex is situated in. From the rising of the sun to the rising of the moon, the park is always filled with vibrant life, and a variety of creatures who call it their home. The artwork forms a continuous loop around the box, representing the daily cycle from day to night, from the snails who come to bask in the sun, to the moths and mice which roam the ground cover in the darkness. In the night, two water rats, native to the park, scurry around in the moonlight catching shooting stars, and during the day two snails meet each other atop a mushroom whilst ducks float peacefully downstream nearby.
Box ID: SC5940-D (View Map Below)
Painted on: April 2020
Awards: Nominated: Energex Box Award

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