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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Julian Mogridge

Embracing the inner child

Gilchrist Avenue & Gilchrist Ave & Herston Rd roundabout, Herston QLD
‘Embracing the inner child’ merges the compassionate environment of a children’s hospital with the vibrant atmosphere of an exhibition carnival. The artwork features nurses and doctors tenderly cradling newborn babies, symbolising the healing power of compassion and support. Against a backdrop of dynamic showgrounds, complete with Ferris wheels and carousels, the piece evokes wonder and joy. Soft pastel colours in the hospital scene convey serenity, while vibrant hues in the carnival setting represent liveliness. This blending of environments symbolises the harmonious integration of healing and joy, uplifting the spirits of young patients and hospital staff alike as they pass the box to either the hospital or the Ekka.
Box ID: B8105 (View Map Below)
Painted on: October 2023

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