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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Reed Peters

Bat Buses!

Sterculia Ave & Cannes St & Bapaume Rd, Holland Park West QLD
Bat Buses! Reminds us that humans are not the only commuting residents of Brisbane. The Grey-Headed Flying Fox, one of the premier pollinators of our forests, has suffered huge population losses primarily due to Brisbane’s dramatic habitat destruction rate. This flying mammal can be seen at dusk, commuting, much like us, but the homes they are returning to are ever rarer and the food they rely on ever scarcer. The combining of the bat with the BCC bus, right outside Holland Park West Bus Station, hopes to draw attention to the existence of these animals and normalise their place in our society. The accent of the Bangalow Palm and Coastal Banksia as ideal food sources for the flying foxes again aims to push these plants into the public view and encourage their planting in gardens across the suburbs.
Box ID: B0587 (View Map Below)
Painted on: May 2022

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