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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Annie Caulfield

We are all connected

Enoggera Rd & Parker St & Davidson St, Newmarket QLD
I want my design to remind viewers that we are ALL connected, no matter our backgrounds, age, gender, religion, ethnicity or profession. We are all linked, somewhat like molecules. I hope that the school across the road, the students living next to the box, and anyone passsing by, are reminded of this daily, as they walk or drive past. Our society often divides us, and gets us to look at our differences, rather than our sameness.
Box ID: B0308 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Support/assistance: Campbell Misfeld, Akira Misfeld, Keisha Caulfield, Julie Lawrence, Jac Gallagher, Sue Megaw
Painted on: June 2022

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You must not have painted more than two traffic signal boxes in a four year period and not in consecutive years.

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