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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Leonie Kapaith

Wattles in the Evening

160A Leckie Road & Oliver Street, Kedron QLD
Featured on the front panel is the house of Alice Lily, my great grandmother, a famous woman in my family. The house stood on Gympie rd at Kedron, on a block of land where a car dealership now operates. Her silhouette can be seen on the verhanda, holding a bundle that is my grandmother, who (at 91) still resides at Kedron. As the fourth generation to have grown up in Kedron, I’ve incorporated some timeless elements that many In the area can relate to. I wanted to portray the effect of an evening scene, when the heat of the day dies down, the light fades, and it’s time to come home for dinner. The excitement of the day is over, it’s a time for calm. Overhanging wattle blossom form a magical canopy when they bloom, dusting the footpath in yellow. Gumnuts hold mystery, if you’re so inclined to believe that there may be a tiny creature residing inside!
Box ID: SC1051480 (View Map Below)
Painted on: June 2020
Awards: Nominated: Energex Box Award

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