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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

The Goodwin Family

Up The Creek – Mind The Gap

Settlement Rd & Chaprowe Road, The Gap QLD
Our signal box is located beside Fish Creek which is supported by a passionate conservation and restoration group in The Gap. We have chosen to depict the native plants of Fish Creek on the front of the box in the three distinct levels of vegetation: Blue Quandong, Lacebark tree and River She Oak in the canopy; Queensland Ebony, Black Wattle and Native Mulberry in the understorey; and Brisbane lily, Binung Fern, and longleaved malrush in the groundcover. The sides of the box feature animals native to the area – Australian King Parrot, Red tailed Cockatoo, Water Dragon, Eastern Sedgefrog, Freshwater Mullet, and Eel tailed Catfish. On the back of the box, weeds and other items of rubbish are being deposited in a green bin under the watchful gaze of an ibis.
Box ID: B8015 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Amanda (mum), John (dad), 13yo Monty, 12yo Peggy, 10yo Sabine, 8yo Gilbert
Painted on: April 2023

Caring for the environment

The Goodwin family – mum Amanda, dad John, and kids Monty, Peggy, Sabine and Gilbert – painted ‘Up the Creek – Mind the Gap’, inspired by the box’s close proximity to Fish Creek in The Gap. The family’s artwork depicts native plants and animals found in Fish Creek, as well as weeds and rubbish deposited in a green Council bin under the watchful gaze of an ibis!

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