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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Nabeela Suleman


Newnham Rd & Wishart Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD
I am hoping for this piece to captivate those that pass by due to is mystical / unusual composition as well as the use of electricity & lights turning on to tie in with the use of the TSB in itself. The use of the sunflowers and quote is aimed to uplift and inspire viewers. Overall I hope this piece to be thought provoking and to help inspire and remind us all to see the glass half full. We have all been confined in small spaces over the last year due to Covid. This un-ideal way of life has impacted the mental health of many. This piece is also a dual to shed light on the captivity of animals as they too suffer and experience the boredom, frustrations and sadness that we have faced during this time. Being placed on an item which provides electricity I was hoping to use something which connects back to the concept of turning on a light, which is essentially what the traffic signal box allows. By turning on certain lights people are able to continue on their journey.
Box ID: B0544 (View Map Below)
Painted on: March 2021

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