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Artforce Brisbane
An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Katerina Naitoro

Unity in diversity: we are flowers of one garden, leaves of one tree

Elizabeth St & Edward St, Brisbane QLD
The design draws on the diversity of people, their cultures, languages, and ways of seeing the world that we can see in Brisbane. It is in a way inspired by the notion of unity in diversity that is central to my (and my husband’s and friends’) religious beliefs as Baha’is – that humanity is one, and that the diversity is something to be embraced and celebrated rather than something to be feared or disliked. I feel that the vibrant atmosphere of Brisbane, and especially of Brisbane City, is in large part due to the mix of people one can meet there – everyone contributes their unique experience and life story to the life of the community. The aim of the artwork is to invite viewers to think about diversity and what it means to them, and suggest a positive direction of that thought. On a different level, we want to bring a bit of colour and gentle energy into the inner city landscape, and we feel that the imagery of luscious garden with different flowers fits well and fulfils both objectives.
Box ID: B0023 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Assisted by Eric Naitoro and Mahshid Zabihian
Painted on: December 2022

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