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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Jessica Wright

The Power of Time

15 Borella Road & Fortune Circuit, Sunnybank Hills QLD
The artwork is called “The Power of Time”. The artwork starts off at the top left hand corner on the front panel where a kitten and a baby mouse begin to chase each other around the mechanisms and over time they slowly transform into adults. They don’t notice the change or their surroundings until the very end which finishes at the bottom left hand corner of the front panel. The artwork represents how we can get so transfixed in our day to day schedules that we sometimes forget to look around and enjoy life and cherish our loved ones while they are still with us, as we never know what’s around the corner. This artwork is dedicated to my Grandparents.
Box ID: SC6613 (View Map Below)
Painted on: January 2018
Awards: Nominated: Energex Box Award

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