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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Sebastian Caon

The Colours of Wilston

Newmarket Rd & Noble St & Silvester St, Wilston QLD
After living around the corner from the designated TSB, I want to exhibit that the Wilston/Windsor/Herston area has a lot of beauty to it. I want to shows people walking by what meaning there is in different parts of their local area. The colours and patterns are inspired by elements of the environment, including; the Wilston House of which the suburb gets its name, natural heritage, indigenous history, historical landmarks, old Queenslander houses, the Alderly brickworks, Downey Park Netball community, Ballymore Stadium and the QLD reds, and the other vibrant fabrics of this community that are placed together. And I wanted to do this all with goal of showing people how, from where they are standing when looking towards the box, they are part of this environment – perhaps encouraging them to explore and learn about more parts of the area. I maintain an art portfolio at with my works.
Box ID: B0202 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Shane Cook, Naomi Kinsella
Painted on: June 2018
Awards: Nominated: Overall Winner, Best Adult

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