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Kimberly Cao

Sunnybank EATS

Mains Rd & Leadenhall St & Cosmic St, MacGregor QLD
My design concept is basically the title of the piece “Sunnybank EATS”. You can spot the Sunnybank overpass in the distance and just know that you have reached an area bustling with a variety of Asian cuisines and dishes bursting with flavour – all of which taste even better when shared and enjoyed with loved ones. It was difficult to decide on which dishes to paint but I decided on an arrangement of bubble tea, ramen and dumplings – some of the foods that I’ve personally enjoyed with friends and family whilst in Sunnybank. Growing up in the heart of Sunnybank, I am well-versed with the value that Lunar New Year holds for the community, as everyone decorates in reds and yellows to attract good luck and fortune. I hope that anyone headed towards Sunnybank can have the same enjoyable and warm experience of a full happy tummy with their loved ones too.
Box ID: B0539 (View Map Below)
Painted on: March 2024

Food, Family, and Good Luck!

Born and raised in Brissie, and identifying as an Asian-Australian, Kim Cao created the artwork ‘Sunnybank EATS’ to celebrate Sunnybank’s great variety of Asian cuisines and dishes that burst with flavour – just like her design!

Kim’s design features bubble tea, ramen and dumplings – some of the foods she has shared with friends and family in Sunnybank. The reds and yellows honour the Lunar New Year, attracting good luck and fortune.

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