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Alana Wilkie

Rita and the Oranges

Old Cleveland Rd & Fifth Ave & Nicklin St, Coorparoo QLD
My artwork relates to the area as there are lots of beautiful trees and houses from the 1940s. Rita Hayworth was a big star in the 1940s and surrounding her portrait are oranges and leaves, which fit in to the surrounds while still being a colourful artwork. I have also put a positive message about being kind on the box just as a sweet reminder to humankind :)
Box ID: B0689 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Mark Greenmantle (photographer)
Painted on: December 2021

Hollywood Glamour

Alana Wilkie’s ‘Rita and the Oranges’ is a throw back to an era Alana loves, featuring Hollywood star Rita Hayworth with her iconic auburn locks, surrounded by bright oranges and leaves.

A vision of beauty alongside her artwork pictured here, Alana is an artist and a teacher who loves all things glamorous and romantic, and is inspired by old Hollywood fashion, colour and pattern! ‘Rita and the Oranges’ is already a fast favourite in the area, bringing colour, glamour and some classic star quality to Coorparoo, along with a beautiful message of kindness.

Photo: Mark Greenmantle

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