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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Wavell State High School

Polly in PNG

Kittyhawk Drive & Way Street & Near Rsl, Chermside QLD
Our designs seek to raise awareness of and start conversations about our local history that viewers are walking or driving through, whilst recognising and promoting the contemporary context of the community facilities and organisations of the dynamic suburban hub that is Chermside. ‘Polly’ was a Kittyhawk used in WW2, deployed at Milne Bay to oppose Japanese forces in their advance on Papua New Guinea. The design depicts the jungle that the planes flew above and the poppies growing amongst the trees represent the soldiers who risked their lives for their country. The Rising Sun is the official insignia of the Australian Army which is represented as a sun rising over the hills. Animals and plants indigenous to PNG are also present in the design.
Box ID: B0253 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Olivia Bates; Alys Jones; Paige Kennedy; Meisha Munro; Akaisha Tamati; Cassidy Burns (assisting); Liza Asmussen (supervising teacher)
Organisation: Wavell State High School
Painted on: August 2021

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