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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Kurt McGregor

Ode to Dali

Grey St & Peel St, South Brisbane QLD
An ode is generally a poem dedicated to somebody, however this is my visual poem dedicated to the great modern surrealist painter Dali. With the location being in such close proximity to both the art gallery, and GOMA, I chose to use Dali in the portrait for the box, as he is generally an instantly recognizable character associated with art, and he himself was a showman who loved attention and the spotlight. I am not sure if the back needs to be painted on this box as yet, as i have not inspected it closely, but have noticed some hedging close behind. I have completed a rough draft for the back in case it needs to be done.
Box ID: B0481 (View Map Below)
Painted on: October 2016
Awards: Nominated: Overall Winner

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