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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Kate Halling

Metropolitan Manifesto (keep it close)

O'Connell Tce & Lanham Street, Bowen Hills QLD
‘Metropolitan manifesto (keep it close)’ works to explore the ways in which we make sense of our surroundings and experiences within a place through sensory experiences and our understanding of form. As a community dense with diversity, it can at times feel difficult to identify common factors that provide accessible connection between us. Through this work, I aimed to identify one of these common factors; that being our natural response to colour and shape. With this in mind, I worked to explore the idea of responding to a place and experience through abstracted colour and shape. In addition to this, I also wished to reference artist manifestos in the context of the ’metropolitan’ setting. As a manifesto is defined by a declaration of aims and policies, I wished to question this in regards to our personal experience in modern society. Through the intentional colours, shapes, and forms, my design acts as a response to the location of the assigned Traffic Signal Box and wishes to provoke a positive sensory experience.
Box ID: B8042 (View Map Below)
Painted on: February 2018
Awards: Nominated: Overall Winner, Best Adult

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