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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Cushla Romans

Map of an Ashgrove House

Waterworks Road & Greenlanes Road, Ashgrove QLD
This map shows you where all the fun things are at our Grandi and Avia’s house at Ashgrove. It’s a house where you can sing as loud as you like with a microphone and no one tells you to be quiet; where you get lollies and cakes and cups of tea with pretty flowers on them; where you can play ninja’s in Grandi’s car, zoobs, DJ’s, shopkeepers and artists; you can ride a bike there and play in the sandpit being careful to avoid anything the neighbour’s cat might have deposited there; have a sleepover with your cousins; talk to the fairies in Avia’s fairy and rose gardens; and listen to Grandi playing his ukuleles.
Box ID: B8064 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Oona Romans, Michael Romans, Greg Romans
Painted on: October 2017
Awards: Nominated: Overall Winner, Best Adult

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