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Robyn Woodrow

Losing, Gaining

Boundary St & Ivory St, Brisbane QLD
‘Losing, Gaining’ reflects feelings about the development of Brisbane City. While fundamentally still the city of my youth, each time I visit, something tangible has changed – a building demolished, a new walkway, a refreshed alley, a park cleared, a new shopping precinct… Notwithstanding, the scales of a beautiful, liveable city stay balanced. Despite bridges and property developments, the natural footprint of Brisbane remains – the losses and gains complement each other, shown by a view from the local area – the lines of the new developments, juxtaposed over the ‘original’ Brisbane.
Box ID: B0238 (View Map Below)
Painted on: May 2021

Leaving a legacy

Robyn Woodrow’s traffic signal box in the city below the Story Bridge reflects on the changes she witnessed in Brisbane over time and how when we lose one thing, we gain another in its place. And it’s why Robyn applied to paint a traffic signal box – she wanted to leave a visible legacy after being diagnosed with cancer. Sadly Robyn passed away in June 2021 soon after completing her painting. Her amazing community of friends stepped in to add the finishing touches and help make her vision a reality.

Robyn’s legacy gives her family the chance to reflect on the creativity that was central to her life on their city journeys, and gives us all the gift of her beautiful artwork. Vale Robyn Woodrow.

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