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Isabella Gawthorne

Little Critters

Oxley Rd & Graceville Ave, Graceville QLD
“Little Critters” invites the viewer into a funky, vibrant and abstract world that takes us away from the mundane events of everyday life and into something magical and fun. This piece aims to remind us of that innocent inner child and their wild imagination. This piece highlights the native wildlife and domestic animals local to Graceville and surrounding Brisbane suburbs. The purpose is to remind us of the lovely little critters that surround us everday and night and to be aware that they too are a part of our local communities. This painting utilises bold colours and quirky forms to convey the unique personalities of each animal and make us feel more connected to them. Personifying the plant life imagery in this piece also helps us to acknowledge the life within nature that surrounds us.
Box ID: B0581 (View Map Below)
Painted on: February 2024

All Critters, Great and Small

Isabella Gawthorne has created a funky and vibrant world with her artwork, ‘Little Critters’. Her design combines cute native wildlife, domestic animals and leafy greenery, vividly portraying a magical living world in suburban Graceville.

Isabella’s use of bold colours and cute personalities in her animals and plants connect us to nature, and remind us of the lovely little critters that surround us every day and night, and make up part of our community.

Painting is a major passion of Isabella’s, but she has, up until now, mostly kept her artworks to herself. Putting ‘Little Critters’ out into the world illustrates Isabella’s bravery. She wants to spread joy and laughter with her bright and fun artwork, and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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