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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Andreia Barnard

Kelvin Grooove: The Ambitious Possum

Kelvin Grove Rd & Lorimer Tce & Glen St, Kelvin Grove QLD
Kelvin Grooove is a local resident interested in both art (ballet and theatre) and science. The prism they hold signifies the diversity of individuals and stories within our communities. We are all made of art and science. Kelvin Grooove is inspired by the abundance of local performing arts (Queensland Ballet Academy; La Boite) and education institutions (QUT; multiple) in the area. I chose to represent a young adult/teenage character (a possum – to include all who associate with belonging to Australia regardless of race, ethnicity, or historical background) who shows interest and interaction with both performing arts as well as science.
Box ID: B0304 (View Map Below)
Painted on: September 2021

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