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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Jessica Read

Inflorescence Anti-depressant

Fairfield Rd & Brougham St, Fairfield QLD
My design idea was to create a bright, fun piece that would be eye-catching and spark joy, without having any negative triggers or controversial elements. I wanted my piece to hopefully be a distraction from any negativity in a viewer’s life, with its upbeat design and happy vibes. Some of my favourite Brisbane memories include buying flowers at the Rocklea Flower Markets, wandering through the Roma St Gardens and Botanic Gardens, as well as buying bunches of flowers at the West End Markets on the weekend. Also, my grandparents live in Annerley and I have lots of memories of wandering their intricate backyard garden to collect flowers and interesting leaves to press into drawings as a child. I felt like the location of this Fairfield box sits nicely in between those locations and wanted to capture that. I’ve added upbeat modern elements through the spring colour palette and use of shapes and textures to give it the creative feel of West End, and add a modern take on the classic concept of floral art.
Box ID: B0591 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Paul Jackson - assisting artist
Painted on: May 2022

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