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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Emma Watt

Iconic Queenslanders

Sir Fred Schonell Drive & Coldridge Street, St Lucia QLD
For 20+ years I have lived amongst Brisbane’s timber and tin homes. Charming Queenslanders elevated on stumps, with decorative gables, tin roofs, wide shaded verandahs featuring fancy posts, french doors, louvres and lattice. I aim to highlight the decorative details, the curves and lines which make up the Queenslander. I want to draw attention to their shape and shadows using moody Jacaranda blues, colours which St Lucia and the University are well known for. This will be a stylised piece that will remind the viewer of iconic Queenslanders in St Lucia and the surrounding suburbs.
Box ID: B8074 (View Map Below)
Painted on: August 2022

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