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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Tiffany Ho & Tiffany Kou

Getting There

Beenleigh Rd & Stones Rd, Sunnybank QLD
My proposed artwork captures the profound journey of someone intimately acquainted with the struggles of depression and anxiety. The central motif, a girl cradling a cactus, serves as a poignant symbol of strength and protection. Set against the backdrop of a wide, calm, yet dark sea, the girld stands alone, surrounded by the vast expanse of her emotions. The sea reflects the depths of her internal struggles, yet there she is, resilient and unwavering in her stance. While the scene conveys solitude, a palpable sense of hope permeates the canvas. The girl looks upward to the sky, her gaze fixed on a beacon of light breaking through the darkness. This upward glance is a powerful testament to her belief that, despite the challenges, a brighter day awaits.
Box ID: B0718 (View Map Below)
Painted on: April 2024

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