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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Cecilia Miller

Forever Flowers

Miles Platting Road & West Street, Rochedale QLD
I used lots of flowers and plants on my design becausee my mum told me there were flower, plant and food farms in this area a long time ago. I would like people to look at my traffic signal box and think that nature is beautiful and important.
Box ID: B0955 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: With support from Haylee and Violet Miller
Painted on: September 2022

Inspired by the flower, plant, and food farms of the area

Cece is one of our younger Artforce artists who created ‘Forever Flowers’ at 7 years old! She was assisted by mum Haylee and sister Violet. Cece loves drawing and painting, and since her big sister Violet had painted two traffic signal boxes, Cece was waiting patiently to be old enough to paint one too! Cece’s inspiration for her floral design came from her mum telling her about flower, plant and food farms in the area of Rochedale a long time ago.

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