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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Elli Veleski


Waterworks Rd & Glenquarie Place, The Gap QLD
The brief for the artwork from my school was ‘inspired by nature’. I hope my artwork brightens up an otherwise drab piece of infrastructure with the bold colours of spring flowers. Drawing flowers is therapeutic for me, and I hope my flowers catch people’s eye on their daily drive, make them smile and help them to relax also!
Box ID: B0283 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Sara Alfredson
Organisation: Stuartholme School
Painted on: December 2021

Stuartholme students inspired by nature

After a rigorous competitive process run by the school, four Stuartholme students were selected to bring their designs to life on traffic signal boxes in The Gap neighbourhood. Responding to the theme ‘inspired by nature’, the students’ designs all featured the common thread of making small things found in nature larger than life in their artworks.

Elli Veleski painted the striking work ‘Flowers’ with the assistance of Sara Alfredson, hoping to bring a smile to commuters on their daily travels.

Grace Tupicoff and Jemima Gibbons painted ‘In the Moment’, an artwork brimming with insect and plant life. By amplifying the size of insects and plants found in the local area, Grace and Jemima hope viewers appreciate parts of nature that can often be overlooked.

Finally, Emma Barry painted ‘Flowers and Branches’ with the help of mum Leigh, amplifying the size of the creatures she featured to encourage viewers to recognise how small animals can make a large impact on our world.

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