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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Zara Francis

Flowering Hounds

Old Cleveland Rd & Harries Rd, Coorparoo QLD
Greyhounds are commonly mistreated in the racing industry, and I am very passionate about saving them, fostering them, and putting them into new homes. Although I cannot own a greyhound myself, as I have a cat, I still love them and want to help. I want to raise awareness about greyhounds, as they are commonly misunderstood as high maintenance pets that need a lot of exercise and aren’t very cuddly, when really they are quite the opposite. The message “Adopt a Greyhound Today” encourages viewers to look into the breed further and possibly consider supporting one of the charities like Gumtree Greys or Friends of The Hound (FOTH).
Box ID: B0684 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Rachael Pery-Johnston
Painted on: August 2021

Animal Lover

Zara Francis, 13, is a true ambassador for greyhounds, helping to save and foster them.

In the process of developing her traffic signal box design, Zara contacted Greyhound Greys, an organisation that helps rescue and rehome greyhounds across eastern Australia, and explained that her design supported their mission. Zara featured Greyhound Greys on her box, and they in turn shared Zara’s beautiful and inspiring artwork on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Talk about sharing the love – let’s hope it encourages more people to adopt these cuddly pooches!

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