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Southside Artists Inc


Logan Rd & Norton St, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD
This artwork compels a passing viewer, the travellers at the nearby bus stop and the Mt Gravatt East SS children, to investigate the multiple layers and partly hidden images at an intimate level. Each artist involved in this painting has contributed a small design of their own to create an overall visually pleasing piece. This cohesion of complimentary colours, reflects the warm, supportive and connective dynamic that exists between the artistic personalities of Southside Artists Inc. The blue colour reflects the blue trims in the school buildings behind the TSB. We hope that viewers enjoy discovering the many different and whimsical elements as well as enjoy the play of many levels and shapes.
Box ID: B0618 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Debra Hood, Tanya Ashworth, Leigh Lynam, Julie Cane, Annie Gardiner, Liz Saltwell, Sally Robinson
Organisation: Southside Artists Inc
Painted on: November 2017
Awards: Nominated: Best Organisation, Overall Winner, Best Adult

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