An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Artforce Brisbane
An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Luz Jennifer Garcia Rodriguez

Dare to Dream

37 Peel Street, South Brisbane QLD
The artwork was inspired by the magical atmosphere of South Brisbane. The concept design emphasises a cultural hub idea where the museums, art galleries, performing art centre, and day and night markets have a distinctive role to amuse the spectator and give rise to the imagination and creative ideas. The intentions behind this artwork is to inspire viewers to expand the horizons of their thoughts and to believe anything is possible. Flow in life like the water and the wind, enjoy swimming in the sky like a fish, enlighten the surrounding waters like a star, all you have to do is dream big.
Box ID: SC6131 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Lucia Laus
Painted on: September 2022

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You must not have painted more than two traffic signal boxes in a four year period and not in consecutive years.

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