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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Baelee Mohd

Connections Underground

Nudgee Rd & Gerler Rd, Hendra QLD
This artwork represents the connections that the Indigenous community has to the land. It shows the connections and routes of our people through symbols and totems drawn under the ground. The artwork includes emus and a kangaroo – the emus are a symbol of creator spirits that soared through the skies above, looking over the land; and the kangaroo in Aboriginal culture is a totem – a source of food, furs, tools and ornaments, and as a subject of rock art. With both of these on the surface of the ground above the other symbols, it represents the traditional cultures of the First Nations peoples. This artwork is not to tell people that this is Aboriginal land, but instead is a way of reminding them of the history that is on this land.
Box ID: B0235 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Karyn Chapman, Lead Arts Teacher
Organisation: Mary MacKillop College
Painted on: September 2023
Awards: Best High School 2023

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