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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Jessica Read

Coming Home

304 Mains Road & Shopping Centre Entrance, Sunnybank QLD
This design was developed through engagement with several local residents, local teachers and a number of students to discuss what would best encompass an inclusive experience for all those that might see the artwork. In discussion about what to create for this piece, I decided that representing the rich Asian culture of Sunnybank was best left to those with an in-depth knowledge of the international heritage of many of the residents. I chose to create a cityscape on one side from a childhood memory – my parents would drive me to the city very early in the morning and I would always sit up high to see the cityscape and hot air balloons rising as we drove over the hill. When they would pick me up late in the afternoon on a Friday, we would often go to the beach for the weekend so I would look forward to a beach trip for the whole drive home. These images are a representation of fond memories I have driving through Main St Sunnybank as a child and I hope others might remember the same, as a pleasant distraction from the afternoon traffic!
Box ID: SC801 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Paul Jackson, assisting artist
Painted on: April 2023

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