An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Artforce Brisbane
An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Debra Hood


Adelaide St & Albert St, Brisbane QLD
Focused on Brisbane’s unique built environment,this design shows the Kurilpa Bridge acting as a connection between the traditional and the modern architecture of inner city Brisbane. The intricate detail of our iconic Queenslander houses is in complete contrast to the hard-edge lines and non- adorned contemporary city buildings. The city buildings in this design reference and reflect the architecture that can be seen behind the TSB on approach. For example, the Brisbane Town Hall Clock Tower and the Red & Grey building on King Georges Square. This element also gives the viewer “connection” to their immediate built environment as it becomes an extension of the TSB artwork. When you stand about 2metres away from, but directly in front of, the TSB, the vertical red line becomes a visual connection with the red line in the real building in the background.
Box ID: B0009 (View Map Below)
Painted on: September 2019
Awards: Nominated: Not Eligible

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