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The Bluey team

Bluey’s Brisbane

314 Stafford Rd, Stafford QLD
The design for this artwork celebrates both Bluey and the Brisbane landscape, while also encouraging viewers to engage with the work. The two central characters of the series, Bluey and Bingo, appear in a life-size dimension on the front of the EPT, encouraging students of Stafford State School and other passers-by to engage with the artwork and take a photo with the characters. The artwork on the other sides of the EPT feature iconic backgrounds from the series – including the Heeler House (which is designed to mirror the streets and suburbs of Brisbane) and Bluey’s School reflecting the direct surroundings of Stafford State School. The artwork is colourful and joyous, delighting both the super fans of Bluey as well as those not familiar with the series.
Box ID: SC717494 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Alice Holmes, Kate Derrick, and Costa Kassab
Organisation: Ludo Studio
Painted on: August 2021

Creativity Takes Courage

Seen the amazing Bluey box outside Stafford State School?

While workshopping their design for ‘Bluey’s Brisbane’, the Bluey team dropped into Stafford State School to find out what students loved most about the show. They talked about Bluey’s art direction and design, and how they turn local Brisbane streets into what we see on the show. The students were also interested to hear about the producers’ careers and what it’s like to work in animation and design.

Ultimately, the producers hope that the artwork not only reminds people of the beauty and quirkiness of Brisbane, but also of the career opportunities in the arts and media industries.

Photo courtesy of @blueysbrisbane

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