An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Artforce Brisbane
An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Arielle Hankinson, Eloise Ball, & Lauren Spriggs


Sherwood Rd & Martin Taylor Drive, Rocklea QLD
My traffic signal box is located at the Rocklea Markets. I grew up visiting markets most weekends with my mother, and it was when we would bond. Therefore, my artwork features feminine iconography with a sense of motherly love expressed through the figure’s tender pose and expression. The motif of strawberries links to the concept of fresh produce. ‘Bliss’ aims to convey the serenity and joy I, and many others, feel while strolling through markets.
Box ID: B0610 (View Map Below)
Organisation: Art From The Margins, Wesley Mission
Painted on: March 2023

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You must not have painted more than two traffic signal boxes in a four year period and not in consecutive years.

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