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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Natasha D’Arcy

Bee Yourself

Upper Kedron Road & Hogarth Road, Ferny Grove QLD
As our family are into bee keeping, it was only natural for us to create artwork based on bees. The box is across the road from the local school and park and runs along a bike track, therefore we have designed a family friendly bee hive with an inspirational quote to encourage children to be themselves. We’ve hidden little images of bees doing kid things within the hive for children to find as well as images of their environment including hives and flowers. We hope the local children will find this an uplifting and encouraging artwork that will bring a smile to their face when walking to school.
Box ID: B8091 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Cameron D’Arcy, Wilbur D’Arcy, Victor D’Arcy, Miller D’Arcy
Painted on: February 2021

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