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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Tamara Scheiwe

Banana Benders

Lutwyche Rd & Northey St, Windsor QLD
Banana Benders is a cute reference to the nickname of Queenslanders and it’s a nod to the old nickname of Brisbane – Banana City. Using an all over fruit pattern also references the Northey Street organic markets and farm. I chose to create something that was super fun and instagram worthy, as well as a humorous link to our city/state’s history of nicknames, as well as linking a community space that is in such close proximity to the box. I’m hoping viewers will use the bananas as a little instagram moment, when op shopping across the road, when taking a stroll if staying or visiting someone in the nearby hospital, when visiting Northey Street Markets or using it as a marker when giving directions to visitors. I know a lot of after work congestion can accumulate there too, so it would be nice to give the drivers something to giggle or smile at when sitting in traffic.
Box ID: B0097 & MUX (View Map Below)
Painted on: February 2021

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