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Olivia Shen

Ant You Hungry?

Newnham Rd (Pedestrian Crossing) & Colwyn Street, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD
This artwork was inspired by the multi-cultural suburb of Mount Gravatt. We know that Mount Gravatt is a wonderful place with many restaurants and shops that provide delicious food from all around the world. That’s why our artwork includes some favourite foods, such as xiao long bao, sushi, bubble tea, and (mum’s favourite) durian, and some spices from local gardens of Mount Gravatt. The ants are the most disciplined and hard working animal that work with dedication to collect food (like in our artwork) and defend their colony. They symbolise hard work and cooperation, an important part of our artwork and our lives.
Box ID: B0449 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Parents Robert Shen and Emma Lim, assisting
Painted on: March 2023
Awards: Highly Commended 12 & Under 2023

Ant You Hungry?

Prepare your tastebuds for a mouth-watering adventure with Olivia Shen’s ‘Ant You Hungry?’ Celebrating  Mount Gravatt’s vibrant multicultural character, the artwork serves up some of Olivia and her family’s favourite foods – xiao long bao, sushi, bubble tea, and the infamous durian (her mum’s favourite) – as well as some spices from local gardens in the suburb. Olivia is also a nature and animal lover and has included some industrious ants collecting and taking off with some of these treats – it’s certainly a feast for the eyes!

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