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An initiative of Brisbane City Council

Amanda O’Brien

A Window into Wynnum

Bay Terrace & Pedestrian Crossing at Guardian Angels, Wynnum QLD
The bayside suburb of Wynnum holds a very special place in our hearts in so many ways. To us it represents new beginnings, loved family, old friends, comfort and remembrance. Our challenge is to pay tribute to the community, the landscape and the history that this suburb holds. As Guardian Angels Catholic Church sits as the backdrop to this electrical box, we feel it is fitting to honour the faith filled community in our artform. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful mosaic widows that define the church, we propose to represent the many facets of bayside life in geometric panels that come together and make one mosaic, one community. This modern take on a mosaic utilises blue and yellow to reflect the nautical feel of the local area as well as the sunny disposition of its community and landscape. Key symbols depicted are native flowers, bayside animals, earthy patterns and that of a guardian angel. ‘Kwaheri Kwa Sasa’ is a Swahili phrase that translates to ‘Goodbye for now’. This is symbolic to us as a family as we have said goodbye to some beloved family members at Guardian Angels Church and feel this is an appropriate and fitting saying in remembering all of those in the community who are no longer with us.
Box ID: B0520 (View Map Below)
Additional Participants: Caitlin O'Brien, Erin O'Brien
Painted on: February 2021

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